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22-Jan-2020 21:37

Yet she held back, frustrating and tantalising herself in equal measure, remembering only one word: Obedience.

The lady's back began to curve and coil endlessly, snake-spined, as a pump of the pelvis travelled gradually up to become a hunch of the shoulders, just as the hips reset themselves below for another thrust.

His eye caught the girl's as she knelt there, and locked her into his gaze as he began to raise his naked form from the seat.

From standing up straight again to right in front of her was a couple of inconsequential steps, and suddenly she was confronted with a naked man stinking of coitus with a rod still half-erect, jiggling lightly in front of her face as his wife looked on from her comfortable sprawling repose.

As he reached out a hand to brush her cheek, she was already diving lips-first toward the turgid member filling her vision.

In truth she hadn't really considered the technicalities of the situation: eagerness had overtaken prudence long ago; she was hardly familiar with the act she now pounced upon instinctively.

Her first mouthful of the sloppy flesh-pole was a welter of strange flavours, unusual enough to be unpleasant but sucked down quickly enough as to defy rejection.

Only her hips seemed to continue as before, as if they were drawing all the vigour from the rest of her body to maintain her thrusts.

As the cream flowed, the commotion began to slow: the master's legs relaxed, lowering him in subsidence back to the cushion beneath; the lady of the house slumped down upon his chest and lap as her face sank to rest against his shoulder.