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09-Nov-2020 22:17

In practical terms this means you can broadcast video to a large online meeting without requiring large server capacity, and also easily setup IRC style chat rooms, and perhaps video carousel's to collect all the worst types online together!

To use peer to peer in flash you need a special signing server that is used to negotiate the communication of the group and maintains security sandbox issues, but the actual streaming is effectively player to player - front end!

So far we have only setup a Cumulus server so lets look at how to use it.

Typically you will need to configure a script to stop and start your service.

If we get a nesting pair, this will be an incredible opportunity to witness the hatching of loon chicks.

In addition to the Nest Cam, check out the Kilnwood Web Cam to get a wider view of the loon nesting platform. Keep your fingers crossed that once again this year we have a nesting pair and will have a successful hatching. Lisa Hutchinson's father made this fishing line recycling container for us. We received approval from NH DES and NH Fish and Game to install it at the Rte. It is mounted on a pressure treated post and should be very durable.

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To use Peer2Peer will probably need a dedicated server to install the signing service ( for instance I (JLM) use Gandi dedicated servers but there are lots of providers so shop around ).

If your setup correctly and you put the correct string for _cumulus static var you should get confirmation of your connection. It's important that we can check our webcam is working so we need to output to a video instance and add to stage.