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Privacy in We Chat works by groups of friends - only the friends from the user's contact are able to view their Moments' contents and comments.

The friends of the user will only be able to see the likes and comments from other users only if they are in mutual friends group.

We Chat users can register as an official account, which enables them to push feeds to subscribers, interact with subscribers and provide them with services.

There are three types of official accounts: a service account, a subscription account and an enterprise account.

A month after its launch, We Chat Pay's user base expanded from 30 million to 100 million users, and 20 million red envelopes were distributed during the New Year holiday.

In 2016, 3.2 billion red envelopes were sent over the holiday period, and 409,000 alone were sent at midnight on Chinese New Year.

The feature was launched through a promotion during China Central Television's heavily watched New Year's Gala, where viewers were instructed to shake their phones during the broadcast for a chance to win sponsored cash prizes from red envelopes.

It offers more Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) than subscription accounts, and companies and organizations can create their own applications based on We Chat APIs.Once users as individuals or organizations set up a type of account, they cannot change it to another type.

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