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= -1) ; -static struct ; static struct tinfo *thread; static void * /* Start function for thread */ thread Func(void *arg) { - int idx = *((int *) arg); struct tinfo *tptr = arg; int idx = tptr - thread; /* Obtain index in 'thread' array */ int s; - sleep(thread[idx].sleep Time); /* Simulate doing some work */ sleep(tptr-sleep Time); /* Simulate doing some work */ printf("Thread %d terminating\n", idx); s = pthread_mutex_lock(&thread Mutex); @@ -36,7 39,7 @@ err Exit EN(s, "pthread_mutex_lock"); num Unjoined ; - thread[idx].state = TS_TERMINATED; tptr-), then a new process group is created, and the specified process is made the leader of the new group (i.e., the process group ID of the process is made the same as its process ID).If the two arguments specify different values (i.e., , and (2) didn't clearly explain the behavior if the process group ID was unchanged. In the sixth print run, a typo in this erratum was corrected: a mistyped " In fact, the third argument isn't accessed on Free BSD (nor, probably, on the other BSDs), or (in the usual case) on Linux, so that the call as originally given on page 707 will work.See also the code shown on page 463, where all signals are handled with the All of the members of a process group share the same process group ID (which is the same as the process ID of the process group leader), and all processes in the process groups that constitute a session have the same session ID (which is the same as the process ID of the session leader).

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The value in this file is expressed in milliseconds, and the default is 100.

Writing "0" to the file restores the value to the default.