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06-Sep-2020 07:16

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Huang Tian Kuo (Eddie Peng) arrives at the gym just after the race is over, with bento boxes the swimmers ordered.

After seeing nobody at the front desk, he walks into the pool area and sees Yang Yang telling a joke in sign-language to Xiao Peng.

They go to the night market and find a noodle restaurant. Yang Yang pours out her coins she’s earned from work and starts counting and sorting them.

Tian Kuo notices that there are other customers waiting to be seated, so he ends up paying and then they leave.

His mom sees it and tells him he can’t sell if for the regular price—he must bump up the price! She insists on paying him back for all the food, but he keeps changing the subject.

The house is filled with medals and certificates of all the awards Xiao Peng has won for swimming, and Yang Yang is very proud of her sister.

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Yang Yang is upset with herself for not going straight home after work, but Xiao Peng says she only inhaled a little bit of smoke and everything is fine.

As he’s having imaginary conversations with Yang Yang, his mom comes in and catches him mumbling to himself, telling him to knock off the daydreaming and help her at the restaurant.

Later, Tian Kuo comes down to the restaurant, but to make a special “lover’s bento.” There’s pork-chop soup and an overflowing bento with extra food in it. He brings her food at her house, and she invites him in to sit.

Hear Me [聽說] Starring: Ivy Chen, Eddie Peng & Michelle Chen 2009 Lin Xiao Peng (Michelle Chen) is warming up to prepare for her swim meet, and Lin Yang Yang (Ivy Chen) is across the pool setting up the camera to take pictures of her sister’s race.

As they call for the race to start, Yang Yang times the camera and races over to Xiao Peng’s side to give her the cue to start.The first time I saw you, you reminded me of a great white heron…

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