Define accomidating

18-Dec-2019 08:11

Self-containment is where all the rooms (including kitchen, bathroom and toilet) in a household’s accommodation are behind a single door which only that household can use.Non-self contained household spaces at the same address should be counted together as a single dwelling.Non registered providers can provide housing for the employees of associated industrial and other undertakings, for special groups such as the aged, disabled people or single persons, or housing on a mutual and self-build basis.Fair rent societies and co-ownership associations set up with the assistance of Tenant Services Authority/Homes and Communities Agency are included, as are associations formed specially for providing homes on behalf of local authorities.In England, housing associations were formerly funded and regulated by the Housing Corporation, a non-departmental public body that reported to the Department for Communities and Local Government.

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These cover university and college student, hospital staff accommodation, hostels/homes, hotels/holiday complexes, defence establishments (not married quarters) and prisons.For dwelling stock data, unless specifically stated, the definition used follows the Census’s definition applicable at that time. For example, the 1991 Census defined a dwelling as structurally separate accommodation.

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