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A post mortem examination on the elderly resident who died, who was believed to have been aged 80-years-old, today proved inconclusive and further tests were being conducted.Her identity was expected to be released later today.Finally clinical rotations come along and you realize that most of that information doesn’t mean jack.Clinical years aren’t QUITE like you’d picture them though.You do – This little green book is carried by just about every medical student for good reason.

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Review books are always trying to strike the balance between being concise and comprehensive.He added: "The home's management contacted all the relevant agencies at the time of the incident including family members, the health authority, police and the public health inspector."In line with our policies and procedures, a number of staff have been suspended, pending a full investigation of this incident."Whilst the initial findings of an internal investigation conclude that this incident was a tragic accident no further conclusions can as yet be drawn until the police and the Health & Safety Executive have conducted their independent investigations."Despite stringent management systems being in place at the home, such systems cannot prevent all human error occurring."Mr Scott confirmed that six of the staff at the care home had been suspended.