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) Get the first two columns from a number of records as an associative array where all the given conditions met.

You can choose the two fields or leave the parameter blank and the method will return the first two columns of the table.

Pocket Purrer: 1.22 ref Strange Medi Gun: 4 ref Killstreak Eyelander Kit: 19.33 ref Specialized Killstreak Dragon's Fury Kit: 1.25 keys (Cheapest on the market) Earbuds: 1 key 27.77 ref or 2 keys Festive Eyelander: 9.55 ref Strange Civic Duty Mk.

II Shotgun Strange Head Warmer: 6 keys Strange Special Eyes: 2 keys 8.22 ref Strange Lime painted Law (With Kills part attached): 2 keys Strange Lime Summer Shades: 4 keys Strange Dead of Night: 7 keys Merc's Muffler (Paint: Color No.

continue reading » Karasev (2016): The use of the scanning electron microscope (SEM) to reconstruct the ultrastructure of sporoderm.

New science standards in Louisiana (by Glenn Branch, March 08, 2017).

Where possible, tricks and examples will be documented here in order to make developers' lives a bit easier.

Under those circumstances, it is highly recommended to use these get_recordset_xxx() functions instead, which use one nice mechanism to iterate over all the target records and save a lot of memory.

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DESTROYING THE ENEMY TEAM, BUT WITH SCRUBBY REGULAR ROCKET LAUNCHERS FOR POOR AND UNCOOL PEOPLE? Would be interested in sidegrading to a strange hot rocket launcher, strange hot disciplinary actions and strange hot/energy orb shotguns. Alternatively Id also be looking for isotope strange crossbows or ubersaws, and maybe some strange unusual grenade/sticky launchers (dont have to be stock ones).

216-190-216): 5.33 Earbuds: 1 key 24.11 ref Direct Hit: 0.66 Flying Guillotine: 0.66 Scotman's Skullcutter: 0.66 Bat Outta Hell: 0.66 Holiday Punch: 0.66 Jag: 1.66 Righteous Bison: 0.66 Brass Beast: 0.66 Cleaner's Carbine:0.66 Scottish Handshake: 0.66 Fortified Compound: 0.66 2 x Family Business: 0.66 Tomislav: 3 ref Bat: 0.66 Scottish Resistance: 0.66 I pay PURE for your Unwanted Unusual/Collector Items around 30-40% (likely much much more on taunts and old priced hats, prices are inaccurate) Offer below With the Hat/Item and its effect and ill either accept or counter offer. -Strange parts/Killstreaks will not add value in most cases 2.

- Check my backpack for current metal/key supply here: 3.

partner=121677406&token=3p Zl0q HA PRICES ARE FIRM **Escrow-free account - if you enabled mobile auth and have trade confirmations on, there will be NO trade hold.

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Prices are listed below and are non-negotiable **Items Overpay is accepted, but you'll need to add 20% to the listed prices; **for 15 days escrow users: you need to overpay Anger: 6 ref Genuine Anger : 19 ref Genuine Anger (Pink as Hell): 1 key 10 ref Wraith Wrap: 3 ref Bruiser's Bandanna: 16 ref Strange Lurking Legionnaire: 1 key 10 ref Noh Mercy: 10 ref Charmer's Chapeau: 6 ref Ap-Sap: 1 key 5 ref BUYING: Strange Sandvich - 3 keys 10 ref Strange Festive Sandvich - 3 keys 18 ref Strange Disciplinary Action - 1 key 18 ref Strange Festive Shotgun - 1 key 18 ref Strange Holy Mackerel - 1 key 18 ref Strange Widowmaker - 1 key 15 ref Strange Festive Frontier Justice - 1 key Strange Festive Black Box - 1 key 18 ref ADD ME OR SEND A TRADE OFFER prepared the full report and history for across the most popular social networks.

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