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21-May-2020 04:11

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If you are going to be assigned to this area, go out on Field's Avenue and experience the life there.

It is not something that everyone can come to terms with.

Expats seem to unanimously agree that the best thing about living in the Philippines is the Filipino people. Expats share their tips and experiences living in The Philippines.

"The best thing about the Philippines is the people. For the most part, the people are not driven by what brands they wear or type of car they drive (though sadly there are signs that this is starting to slowly change in the metro areas)," said one expat living in Alabang.

I have never experienced anything like this friendship in my 80 years living in USA.Expats have reviewed numerous schools in The Philippines including International School Manila, British School Manila, Leaders Christian International School in Makati and others.One expat living in Angeles City advised, "I would tell a person considering a move to the Philippines and up to Clark to pay close attention during the look-see trip."In the Philippines, English is one of the official languages.

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The other is Tagalog (sometimes referred to as Filipino). It's well worth learning a little Tagalog not that it's necessary to use it all day every day, but, as always, it's polite to your hosts," advised one expat. When I'm in the city, almost everyone is able to speak English well enough for us to understand each other.

One thing to be aware of, electricty is not cheap there and running a single air conditiong unit can increase your electric bill by 0.

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