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05-May-2020 12:42

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And the kicker- all their "his friends describe him as" were athletic- one guy even "ran marathons"...he was less than 5'10 and had to weigh over 275lbs.Guess what- I have already written off Lunch Dates and don’t plan to see any return on my investment; time or money wise.So you can continue to bully me, set me up with duds and left overs and pretend you are an elite organization- but I know the truth. This is a terrible service and a complete waste of time. Yes, I was away for two 10-day periods but they knew this way in advance and could have scheduled around it. When I did not want this, they said I was being too picky. It took them a year to set me up with 10 dates, and most of them were bad matches.I do not recommend Lunch Dates for women applicants.First- the process is far from that of a matchmaker.They matched me up with people that were outside my age range and some who lived up to 60 miles away.And when I said this wasn't what I wanted they tried to pressure me into meeting the dates.

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ALL of the men I was set up with would be classified as obese.When I told them I was disappointed, that their service offers nothing better than online dating, they said that I had not had a date yet and so could not judge. ) That is the point--in 2 months of online dating, for better or worse, I have had 6 dates and could have had more if I had the energy. Their matching criterion seems to be that they match up two people of roughly comparable age, with no regard to actual compatibility.