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Specifically, it was determined that Alen's calculation regarding the design of moment frames used different load cases for all terms of the equation in his moment-area analysis; the holdown calculations were not included in the body of Alen's calculations; Alen's incorrect calculation of tributary width to the shear wall resulted in a shear wall inadequacy; Alen failed to properly calculate the foundation analysis in consideration of the addition of a second floor on a one-story structure; and Alen failed to properly and adequately review the drawings that were drafted by an unlicensed individual, so as to assure accuracy, completeness, and clarity prior to affixing his professional engineer's seal on the construction drawings.

It was further established that the plans, drawings, and calculations contained numerous errors and inconsistencies.

KAVIANI, JAMSHID JAMES KAZEMI, NICK KENNALY, JOHN KLEIN, RICHARD BUTLER KOLLERBOHM, FRED ALANIZ LAM, JACK JANGLE LANDERS, CHARLES RAY, JR. By redesigning the support system and ties for unreinforced masonry (URM) buildings, Aguilar acted in the capacity of a civil engineer.

LEMONS, OWEN LEVITT, GORDON ALAN LOTA, DANTE SANTOS LUKBAN, ALEXEI FAJARDO AGUILAR, JOSE ALFONSO Civil Engineer C 23295 Accusation 502-A Effective March 11, 1996: License REVOKED The Board issued a decision finding that Jose Alfonso Aguilar committed acts of deceit, negligence, misrepresentation, and fraud in his practice as a professional engineer.

Alexander conceded that his record maintenance had been deficient and resulted in his inability to produce files when required during past investigations.

He vowed that if his license is reinstated, he has no intention of ever practicing geotechnical engineering but will only engage in civil engineering projects.

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HANSEN, JOHN HARVEY HARDIN, HAROLD DEAD HILL, MELVIN (#581-A) HILL, MELVIN (#647-A) HNEITI, WALID A. Aguilar also committed acts of fraud in his practice as a professional engineer by certifying that the construction conducted on the URM buildings conformed with the approved designs.

HAMBY, JOHN (#336-A) HAMBY, JOHN (#774-A) HANKS, WILLIAM J. By approving and submitting the plans, Aguilar committed acts of misrepresentation and fraud, leading the clients and the city to believe that an approved design was to be used.

He committed acts of misrepresentation and fraud in that as the contractor, he knew that the approved design was not to be used when, as the civil engineer, he submitted the plans to the clients and the City of Los Angeles.

FORBES, DALE LOREN (#602-A) FORBES, DALE LOREN (#656-A) FOSTER, MICHAEL WILLIAM FOX, JOHN K. The plans, drawings, and calculations prepared by, or under the responsible charge of, Alen were submitted to the building department for review and approval.

At a hearing on the Accusation in this matter, it was established that Alen contracted to perform the engineering design of a residential structure located in Oxnard and to supervise and review the preparation of construction drawings for the same structure.Additionally, the test report for the density tests, which Alexander signed and sealed, failed to include required information, such as the type of structural fill soils, how such soils were conditioned prior to placement, benching dimensions, method of compaction, the date the test were taken, the method used for the tests, the foot print of the building related to the test locations, and the inspection frequency.

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