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One general predicted that the backlog in Birmingham would take six months to process. Under the heading of “Personnel problems,” an Adjutant General’s report stated that, “Since D-Day, and for a long time prior to that date, a shortage of qualified postal officers has existed within the [European] theater.The Postal Division continually sought to secure additional officers by requisition from the Reinforcement System and from the Zone of the Interior.” Although there were personnel stationed at Birmingham to handle the mail, the system was in chaos.1 The Women’s Army Corps (WAC) of the U. Army was created by a law signed by President Franklin D. The WAC was converted from the Women’s Army Auxiliary Corps which had been created in 1942 but did not have official military status.

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In February 1945, warehouses in Birmingham, England, were filled with millions of pieces of mail intended for members of the U. Oftentimes the mail was addressed simply to “Junior, U. Servicemembers noticed that they weren’t getting mail from home, and Army officials reported that the lack of reliable mail delivery was hurting morale.

Airplane hangars held undelivered Christmas packages, and a constant stream of incoming mail added to the already massive backlog of letters and packages. With seven million Americans in the European Theater, many shared common names (7,500 were named Robert Smith).