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17-Dec-2020 11:00

“That’s the big difference, is it a lose-lose scenario, or is it a win-win scenario?

” Pressed on the issue, however, Mr Wade could not say how he knew there was consent in each Seeking Arrangement setting.

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Members of the press – and there were many – were corralled to designated media areas.

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They don’t want to say yes [to their abusers], because it’s not what they want to do.

But if they say no, their careers are going to be impacted.” But on Seeking Arrangement, he said, “it’s actually a win-win scenario.” “There is consent, and with that comes the win-win scenario,” he said.He recalled joining an old-fashioned dating service after graduating – in the days where not even Ok Cupid, much less Seeking Arrangements, were an option – but coming out empty handed.

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