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04-Oct-2019 03:45

In another instance, my son with the illness also caught the flu and spent days in the hospital. My job was having a large fundraiser on a Saturday and I got no sleep caring for my son the night before.

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We have both been in the industry the same amount of time, but I tried out multiple job paths during my time and he took the straighter narrower path.I assume this is okay, but I didn’t want to just surprise you with it one day.” If they have a problem with it, then you’ll hear that and be able to decide what to do (which includes the option of saying, “Since I’m committed to doing this, what’s the best way for us to proceed? But I think you’re better off knowing in advance if that’s the case. My manager is bringing up my family commitments in my performance evaluation I have a question about how far is too far when dragging family into things.