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26-Aug-2020 09:13

It follows, that if you shouldn’t marry a non-Christian, then you shouldn’t date a non-Christian.Remember, if you become sexually involved with that person before marriage, you are joining yourselves together in an unseverable bond. Therefore, if we haven’t learned how to serve and devote ourselves fully to God, then we will be unable to serve and devote ourselves to our spouse.I guess I feel about someone who is infatuated with a non-Christian the same as I feel about a brother who is grossly overweight and a glutton; someone who spends all his time watching TV; or someone who never has personal devotional times.In a sense, they all need discipline; but what is the best approach in each situation?Though not a Biblical doctrine or salvation issue, we as the leaders of our church decided to expect our members to only date committed Christians.A woman who was part of our church some years ago returned recently, and she brought her boyfriend with her.While many start off with intentions of finding a godly partner, with each passing year the waiting feels longer and the hoping gets harder.

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No – It is not ok for a Christian to date a non-Christian.Since the matter is never addressed biblically, we need a lot of wisdom.I assume you read my 2004 paper on Dating & Marriage (Tokyo).Some time later, she resumed their dating relationship, against the direction/advice of our leadership. I know some scriptures about church discipline (Mt -20, 1 Cor 5, Titus -11, and especially 2 Timothy -15), but, I believe these (and other) passages about church discipline are not directives to follow but examples to be examined and applied according to the different situations we encounter in the church.

Our decision was to let her know that, while she could continue to attend, she would no longer be considered a member, and that this would be conveyed to the appropriate ministries. As you say, each leadership group must make its own decisions.

Why is the only mention of finding a spouse (dating) in the context of when a husband dies and wife is left alone? Here are three things we need to understand about the people Paul was writing to in order to understand this message: Following a divorce or spousal death is the only time dating occurred within Paul’s culture.

Just one problem: his partner is short, stacked, and utterly infatuated with him.… continue reading »

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