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Although the workhouse system in Britain became the most well developed of any in the world, a number of other countries had workhouses or other institutions providing care and relief for the poor and destitute.

Establishments existed in other European countries such as Holland which had three large workhouses (at Amsterdam, Nieuwe Pekela and Middleburgh) and Belgium which had five (La Cambré, Bruges, Hoogstraeten, Mons and Reickheim).

In December of 1941, Noel Keating, the founder of Kepak Group, was born in Kilrush, Co-Clare.

His mother and father, Mary and Sonny Keating, owned a family butcher shop.

In 1987 a lamb abattoir and boning hall were purchased in Hacketstown, Co Carlow and in 1988, another was purchased in Athleague, Co Roscommon.

These investments coincided with a period of rapid expansion in Irish sheep numbers.

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This competency in burger innovation and processing was to become one of the cornerstones of Kepak Group. Ever ready for a fresh challenge and for a progressive company move, Kepak became key players in the Irish Lamb processing business.

In the early 2000s, changes in the EU policy in sheep meat resulted in a reduced availability of lambs and Kepak revitalised its business model to ensure its continued success.