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And when you’re finished, there won’t be a drop of that sauce left.

Thieboudienne at Fouta — Nicknamed “cheb,” this West African rice-based concoction is the national dish of Senegal.

What gets put inside is your choice, but I’d recommend lengua (tongue) or chorizo (skinless sausage).

Khatchapuri Acharuli at Georgian Dream — The bread of the year was certainly khatchapuri, which exhibits several regional variations in the former Soviet republic of Georgia.

But Flushing Sichuan newcomer Da Xi redefines congee by replacing the rice with millet, making it incandescent yellow, and adding slices of sea cucumber sashimi, an ocean creature I’d never before tasted in fresh form. Gumbo at The Gumbo Bros — New York City is undergoing a Cajun-Creole revolution, featuring the overlapping cuisines of New Orleans and the Cajun country of Louisiana and Texas.

Instead of big ticket restaurants, we’re getting small shops specializing in po’ boys and gumbos.

The Gumbo Bros offers three of these gumbos: chicken and andouille, seafood, and “z’herbs”: a green vegetarian concoction usually eaten on Good Friday.

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The white pie is justifiably famous, but I prefer the wonderful sausage pie, with big lumps of fennel pork sausage, a piquant sauce, and plenty of good cheese.

These are often so good, you want to visit again and again, even if the museum isn’t offering anything you’re interested in.

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