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The DLC features a full weather system, seasonal transitions and holidays.Follow the link for more detailed info, screenshots, and a trailer! While the immortal, blood-sucking kind may not exist, the mortal, energy-sucking vampires do—and they’re even scarier in some cases. The term “vampire” is applied to these people because they seem to suck the life out of others the same way a vampire of folklore sucks your blood.Most of the time, they don’t even know they’re doing it.Vampire Powers and Weaknesses Vampires in the Game Pack have both powers and weaknesses.For each Vampire Rank you gain, you will accumulate more power points that can be spent on new abilities and perks.People naturally exchange energy all the time; it’s a give and take, part of life.Energy vampires can be perfectly good-hearted people, so you may not even realize there is a problem.

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No matter how much you enjoyed Twilight, trust me—you don’t want to be with this kind of vampire.

Vampires might learn to turn into a bat or mist in order to get around faster, increase resistance to sunlight, mind control other Sims, or make themselves more attractive.

There are many perks to be picked up, and you can supermax beyond Grand Master to learn them all!

Vampires gain ranks, from fledgling to grand master, and pick up new powers along the way.

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The pack includes a neighborhood, as well as many occult-themed objects with which to decorate the home.

Read this guide to learn all about Vampires' powers and just what they do.