Dating college athletes

02-Mar-2020 00:04

Indeed, the marketization of the sport has already hurt many of them.Some of the most outrageous and heart-rending stories of mistreatment of student athletes are those who were recruited, given promises of stardom, and then run off the roster when they failed to perform as hoped.

But if, like me, you’re not a laissez-faire absolutist but instead see markets as a tool that work well in some circumstances but not others, then you would need to know more about the specifics of the situation before deciding. Men’s soccer commands a bigger, and therefore more profitable, audience than women’s soccer. Soccer pay male athletes more simply because men’s soccer commands more market power? The source of the disparity was not a conscious decision to value women less, but the logic of capitalism.Would it be good to squeeze more money out of the bloated college sports administration and other parasites, like absurdly overcompensated conference commissioners, and redistribute it to the student-athletes? If I could set Jim Delany’s salary, I would pick a number somewhere between minimum wage and zero.

If you’re dividing the stipends among all the athletes, though, the scale of the payment is going to be far more modest than the professionalization some people are imagining.Once those players have shown that they aren’t going to develop as the coaches hoped, they become a liability, taking up a precious roster spot that could instead be given to an incoming recruit who has a chance to become a star.