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16-Oct-2019 06:00

Paul bounded out of the house, his peroxide-blond hair flopping, trailed by a squadron of artfully coifed teen-heartthrob types.

They mocked the reporter’s fusty brown oxfords, and whooped as their leader clambered onto the roof of the KTLA van (“Jake, I wouldn’t do that,” the reporter warned), where he stood triumphant — symbolically, at least — over the old-media landscape. Paul responded with a smirk: “But people like going to circuses, right?

Paul, who is arguably the most polarizing personality on You Tube, remembers the moment back in Westlake, Ohio, when he told his parents, Greg Paul, a real estate agent, and Pam Stepnick, a nurse, that he planned to skip his senior year of high school and move to Los Angeles with his brother, Logan, to pursue fame. He and Logan, who is two years older, had already established themselves as breakout stars of Vine, that Ritalin-addled showcase of six-second comedy snippets that, for a moment, seemed like it might swallow teen culture.“There was real-life opportunity to make a career for ourselves, for the rest of our lives,” he said. I was, like, 17 years old, making more money than my parents.”For the Paul brothers, Hollywood proved to be anything but a boulevard of broken dreams. The team, which never actually had 10 members (but who’s counting? Paul was now a mix of talent manager, executive producer, life coach and motivational guru to a constellation of rising You Tube vlog stars, several of which had more than two million subscribers.

Leveraging their millions of social media followers, along with their well-honed skills for rubber-faced comedy and ambulance-worthy stunts, each started a You Tube vlog that became explosively popular. ) was made up of an ever-evolving crew of teen idol types under contract to Mr. He also acted as a resident adviser, given that a half-dozen of them bunked full-time at the social media “incubator” that was the Team 10 house.

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“Neighbors said flames eventually grew higher than the house.”With the news crew still mingling outside, Mr.The team matriarch, Erika Costell, a 24-year-old model from Michigan, mingled nearby in workout gear. People know that’s fake, and it’s one of the biggest things of entertainment.”)Sitting quietly on the blond-wood staircase was Mr.

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