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21-Sep-2020 07:45

For girls, the teens and early 20s is a kid-in-a candy-store phase when it comes to dating and there is nothing you can do about it. In spite of your experience -- and what I just said above -- you could have some success dating the right college girls.Some will be mature enough to appreciate LTRs but they don't necessarily want to settle down with fellow students.It happens of course and those people tend to be quite vocal about the fact, but most people take a few tries before finding the right one.I found it easier to have a relationship in the real world.As a peer, you wouldn't be considered good enough to settle down with.

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Once you graduate, you will all scatter out into the world.

All those things help but if I'm not able to actually meet someone then its hard to show them that lol I think it will be easier to actually have a relationship after school since life will be more serious and less drama...the trouble is actually finding someone.

I just would like to be married around 26 or so but I've been told that that is an unrealistic goal in today's society That's what everyone's been telling me.

Now its like my options are online dating (which I've tried but its bad in my city) and meeting someone randomly which is so much harder. the way want to get coffee" ya not gunna happen lol Anyone on here have experience with meeting their significant other outside of university not online?

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I'm a little scared because I want to get married and have a family soon but I just can't seem to be dealt the right cards University is generally the place you'll be around the most single, available women in your life. Having said that, yes what you said is right, after university people tend to move on and scatter around the world.Who do you think will be in your department at the new company you are working at after graduation? It is harder to get a good relationship in college because it's more a hookup culture.