Dating a work colleague

27-Dec-2019 17:05

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He sought to "minimise the impact of his actions and to pass them off as light-hearted banter, despite his actions involving serious sexual misconduct".

His behaviour took place over an "extended period of time across two different hospitals", the panel added.

Mr Bates did not attend the Nursing and Midwifery Council's fitness to practise committee hearing earlier this month.

But he told an investigatory meeting in 2014 that he "might have pinched her bottom at some point but in a silly way, not sexually.

I just try to be funny."In relation to straddling her, he said that he "went to make her jump while she was asleep".

Whilst later working as a staff nurse in A&E for University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire NHS Trust, Mr Bates sent an inappropriate message to another colleague on Facebook."You got any dirty pics of anyone at work like (colleague C)," he asked.

Your heart starts beating faster and blood rushes to your head - out with all reason -- love is in the air! Reality Unfortunately, this is not a tale by the Brothers Grimm, so you can't count on a happy ending.

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If you still feel your co-worker is the one, what do you do?Will they exclude you from certain conversations because they don't know what you'll relay to your new love?Consciously or subconsciously, your relationship may influence decisions that go well beyond a lunch room.The following month, he told a colleague in a cleaning cupboard, "I should have bent you over the bin trolley."Mr Bates' said in a written statement that the Facebook message was a "private piece of locker room banter" and the push was a "joke only".

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The Nursing & Midwifery Council (NMC) panel ruled that his "misconduct was of a repeated, sexual and inappropriate nature which would be seen as deplorable by fellow practitioners and members of the public alike".Members may download one copy of our sample forms and templates for your personal use within your organization.