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03-Dec-2019 10:21

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So, if you want to feel special, do some charity work and save a rescue dude (or dudette)!They need lots of attention, they bark when you try to leave, and you’ll constantly be cleaning up their shit. With a liar, you never have to worry about your relationship becoming boring.My boyfriend was always saying he felt misunderstood and abandoned, and I wanted to be the one who changed his life. ” or, “I will die without you.” Now, I may be a co-dependent fool, but I’m no murderer.And so I stayed, because my brain was not stronger than my stupid, empathetic heart.

He’d lie about big things, like finances and inappropriate interactions with other women, and mundane things, like, “Of course I didn’t watch without me.A liar will make your heart flutter with fear, anxiety, and doubt every single day.