Dating a born again christian

21-Apr-2020 13:01

I would encourage you to read this explanation of the matter, if you haven't already, to gain a fuller understanding, because it is incredibly important: WHAT WAS FULLY ACCOMPLISHED ON THE CROSS FOR CHRISTIANS?

Truly, the innocent shed blood of Jesus Christ on the cross is what washes the sins away of those who have asked Him to save them from their sins, and continue to believe that He has until it is time for them to pass into glory.

Yet it was a dimension of God's love for those who choose to become born again that will require eternity for us to TRY to comprehend - and then probably still not completely, I suspect.

What then, does it mean in words we can easily understand to be "born again?

That doesn't mean you'll always FEEL like keeping Jesus Christ above all else (I speak from great experience!

), which of course affects your and my actions, but then again I don't personally believe the Father FELT like sending His Son Jesus Christ to come to earth and die for our sins so judgment would be removed from us on the Judgment Day either.

The Holy Spirit makes our spirit alive to Him and Truth, whereas previously our spirit was dead to Him and Truth.

What does not line up and agree with God's Word is very temporary, opposite of truth (which is a lie and satanic deception), and will pass away. Gods Word can be viewed as His "spiritual contract with the human race." It is also God's law book. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the current financial needs of this outreach, or any other questions you may a non-denominational 501-C-3 evangelistic ministry, and financial love offerings to this ministry are tax-deductible for those who qualify.