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22-Jan-2021 10:24

No wonder, Starbucks reported total revenue of .39 billion in 2017.In this list of most expensive coffees in 2018, Starbucks’s Quadriginoctuple Frap drink finds a place because it costs a whopping .30 per cup.It is cultivated near the base of the Mantiquera mountains in Brazil and its production dates back to more than hundred years.This valuable coffee is patronized by a large number of people around the world.People are willing to spend a sizeable amount just for a cup of this drink.You can see coffee lovers standing in long queues outside coffee shops outside the US to grab their beloved drink before they hit their day’s schedule.The cost is totally worth it as you are sure to feel energized and stimulated after consuming this exotic drink.

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This coffee is cultivated in the Jamaican Blue mountains at a height of about 5,000 feet.Finca Los Planes coffee is cultivated on a farm in El Salvador by the family of a person named Sergio Ticas Yeyes.