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23-Aug-2020 04:18

While Match Activity suffers from a terribly small number of users (e.g., I can't find anyone within 50 miles of the Washington D. area), My Space could leverage such a tool with its widely dispersed yet huge user base.

Last year, online dating subscription revenues generated 6 million.

There are plenty of My Space relationships - I know because I've seen them firsthand.

My Space has become more than just "a place for friends".

Mine is not so much a gripe, but rather a clarification about the term "online dating." I recently read a poignant article in the San Francisco Chronicle about the conversion of a once true believer.

For 11 years, the so-called father of web logging (blogging) and online diarists, Justin Hall, was dedicated to documenting his life online.

There are five reasons why I'd consider My Space the premier dating site. Phil, 29 Dimensions of Compatibility, or doing fun activities together (more on that later), here we go: 1. No matter what dating site you plan on joining, bring some plastic with you.

It's Mega Popular There are just over 90 million people on My Space. At prices ranging from .99 (Match Activity) to .95 (e Harmony's One Month Plan) per month, you've got to be prepared to invest money just to and meet that special someone.

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You might not like the answer, but I think that's actually a very valuable title to hold.Not only can I read a person's profile on My Space, I can also see all the comments of their Friends.