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finale ended with Anthony Williams being named the winner of Season 6, a moment in which the designer felt nothing but “utter shock.” “Out of everyone left in the competition, I was the person who never made it that far,” Williams tells TVLine.“To hear them call my name was, like, ‘Wait, is this really happening?is in breach of a settlement agreement arising from a dispute over “The Founder,” the 2016 biopic about Mc Donald’s mogul Ray Kroc, starring Michael Keaton. has no right to transfer its distribution rights to the film until it cures the breach.This has been an incredible for year for stories within the world of podcasts.I knew that people would connect with one or the other, or both.” Truth be told, Williams had a master plan throughout the entire competition, one he gleaned from his previous life as a drag queen.

But it's a game show, it's nothing more to me. all my agony and tears shed over his totally unfair, unwarranted ousting on Episode 6 of Anyway.

“Rihanna was my muse in the competition, and I wanted to find a way to connect her to the vintage appeal that I like to put in my clothing.

She and Audrey Hepburn are two relevant icons that I knew people would recognize.

Kashou's reasonably priced bridal collection for Bebe (gowns are 0-,500, bridesmaid dresses, 0-0) includes ten gowns in classic, flattering shapes with a few familiar details (a lace-sleeved Sarah Burton look-alike is suspiciously called the ' Princess') and very little of the tickety-tak styles that have earned the brand its club-girl reputation over the years.

Two trumpet-style gowns in particular feature Rami's signature draping mastery, while a slinky, sparkly '40s style column dress offers Old Hollywood for the newly hitched.

Late last year, mall mainstay (and oft-mispronounced-- Bay Bay? ) Bebe announced its plans for a brand overhaul-- more class, less Kardash-- including the introduction of a bridal range.