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Given the paradigms of kingship established early in the poem, Havelok's ultimate destiny is to rule the corporate body so that all its members function in a state of health and well-being.His "kynmerk" represents his divinely ordained right to sovereignty.Havelok then returns to England with Goldeboru to regain her kingdom from Godrich (who is flayed and hanged at a slow, merciless rate); he arranges the marriages of Grim's two daughters to English noblemen (one of whom is newly elevated from his position as cook), distributes property to his Danish subalterns, and accepts the crown of England which he rules with Goldeboru. Together Havelok and Goldeboru have fifteen children - queens and kings all - and live to a comfortable old age.The Hero's Body In we have another romance hero whose very body is central to the narrative.Each member of the corporate body in this system is expected to contribute to the welfare of the whole organism in order to enhance the quality of communal life.At the center of the body politic, or at its heart, reside the dual laws - divine and positive - by which the organism operates.Athelwold, we are told, establishes peace and justice in a realm rife with treachery and violence, an accomplishment for which he is recognized by his subjects - young and old, from every estate - as a wise and effective monarch.Both loved and feared, Athelwold demonstrates compassion in his "gode werkes," while, at the same time, he adjudicates criminal acts to the fullest extent of medieval English law.

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Should he fail to honor the precepts under which he rules, the king ceases to function as the site of reason for the corporate body; he ceases to be a just king and instead becomes a tyrant.

The most obvious recurring devices - the supernatural light shining from the sleeping hero's mouth, and the cross-shaped birthmark on his shoulder - appear three times at crucial moments in the story: when Grim is about to kill him as a boy; when he has been forcibly married to a very distressed Goldeboru; and when he is staying with Ubbe in Denmark at the commencement of his campaign to win back the land of his birth.

Not only is Havelok's body marked by divine authority, but he is noticeably taller than the other men around him.

Like many of Malory's knights, Havelok has been recognized as a male Cinderella. He identifies this Gunter with the Danish invader defeated by Alfred the Great, who in the A. Before the deed can be done, however, Grim and his wife see a mysterious light coming from the boy's mouth while he sleeps, and a "kynmerk," the cross-shaped birthmark of a king on his shoulder, which convinces them of Havelok's divinely appointed royal status.

9 David Staines, in "Havelok the Dane: A Thirteenth-Century Handbook for Princes," , second ed., revised by Kenneth Sisam (Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1956), this appears in the Anglo-French Chronicle of Peter de Langtoft, "who died early in the reign of Edward II, and whose Chronicle closes with the death of Edward I. 11 See Idelle Sullens' edition of (Binghamton: Medieval & Renaissance Texts and Studies, 1996), p. But instead of accepting Havelok's fealty, Godard hands the boy over to a fisherman, Grim, with instructions to kill him.When the scene shifts to Denmark, we discover that King Birkabein embodies similar personal and political virtues.

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