Bookmarks vanish when updating firefox

14-Mar-2020 16:15

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My mistake however was not adding those websites to my favorites list.Due to an unexpected power loss my computer collapsed.Those using the Firefox Sync feature will be interested to learn that you can now sync add-ons across your computers in addition to all other elements, while Firefox 11 will also appeal to Chrome users looking to switch, with migration options for key Chrome features -- bookmarks, history and cookies -- implemented in the Bookmarks Library (select Import and Backup Import Data from another Browser).This is the first of a two-part process, with other elements to be supported in a later release.However, the latest batch of updates hints that some major updates are heading Firefox’s way over the next few months.Get a head’s up on what’s coming and discover which build is best for your personal needs with our updated guide to what the future holds in store for Firefox.2000100609 branch builds I'm able to reproduce this problem on Open VMS build 20020419 and Linux build 2002041711.I can add a bookmark(1) then copy and paste the bookmark to my personal folder when I go to delete the original bookmark (1), it is deleted and the one that was copied to the personal folder is deleted from the display.

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One remained on the computer but the other was cut, there were also some other documents that were kept as lost chains but I am unaware of exactly where they are located.As I reopened the program all my open websites were gone and the main page of the program is the only thing available. I may have found a solution with a program that restores collapsed data.Is there any way that you can help me figure out which documents I should be looking for?Firefox 10’s biggest change is the way it handles add-ons.

Previously, all add-ons not installed through the official Firefox add-ons channel were automatically made incompatible by a new release, forcing add-on developers to update their extensions every six weeks.

Delete the second bookmark Actual Results: The bookmark in the folder disappears.

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