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(That her own life had been spared was a quirk of fate; had she not traded shifts with a co-worker at the Brenham State School, she would have been at the Davis home on the night of the murders.) As Carter reached to embrace her, she took a step back, startled by what she saw. The Rangers had learned from Lisa that she had recently filed a paternity suit against Carter, a first step in obtaining child support.Carter had been served with papers just four days before the killings.

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Even the youngest member of the Davis family, who stood three and a half feet tall, had been shown no mercy.

Flames climbed the walls and skittered along the roof of the one-story brick structure, casting a murky orange glow.

The windows had already been smashed in by several neighbors, who had screamed the names of the children they feared were trapped inside, pleading for them to wake up.

There were no obvious suspects and hardly any clues; the fire had ravaged the crime scene, and the killer—or killers—had left behind no witnesses.

A night clerk at the Somerville Stop & Shop, Mildred Bracewell, came forward to say that two black men with a gas can had purchased gasoline shortly before the time of the murders.Fisher quickly radioed for help, but when volunteer firefighters arrived, they discovered the bodies of Bobbie, her teenage daughter, and her four grandchildren inside.

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