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The primary difference between asset management and configuration management is the introduction of the relationship concept.Although the CMDB CAN hold information that allows it to manage asset lifecycle, etc., its primary purpose is to manage the relationship between services and the components necessary to deliver those services.

It may apply to both tangible assets such as buildings and to intangible concepts such as intellectual property and goodwill.–Wikipedia Goal The goal of Asset Management is to effectively document an asset throughout its usable life.Asset management is a systematic process of planning, acquiring, deploying, managing, and disposing of assets in a cost-effective way.Now visited by numbers of tourists annually, there are still remnants of the people and their rich history and culture" Lindsay Mc Leod "A blue lake area that invites sun lovers, bathers, fishermen, and skiing in winter.

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The picture is about the local people in the Queenstown area, the people who go about their daily events and habits, such as weddings, small boys catching frogs in a lily pond, shopping areas, the filling station, boat service, and the mailman, as if the visitors were part of the community.The information held may be in a variety of formats, textual, diagrammatic, photographic, etc.; effectively a data map of the physical reality of IT Infrastructure. Net Goals The goals of configuration management are to: Define and control the components of services and infrastructure and maintain accurate configuration information on the historical, planned and current state of the services infrastructure The key activities for this process are: • Provide management information about Configuration Management quality and operations Simplified The Configuration Management process, enabled by the Configuration Management Database (CMDB) is, more than anything else, a decision engine.