Advanced dating technique

21-Jul-2020 00:07

Do not spend too much time at her breast and nipples (you should have done that already during undressing).

Your primary focus should be her: If you do all of this properly, she will already be wet enough and wanting you to go directly to lick her pussy and clitoris. You have ended by kissing her lower belly and pubic bone.

If you want to change your life or have, be or do something you've only dreamed of, all you have to do is change your thoughts.

But what if you want to use advanced Law of Attraction techniques? What if you want the Law of Attraction to be more consistent?

The mirror technique gives a possible clue to the power and personal magnetism of certain evangelists.

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Now: Just imagine that you are starving, and her clit and pussy are the only things that you want to eat after weeks. You are not mastering some “ Once you set your mind to the task and she is already naked, you should start teasing as you go “south” on her.

During the “Depression” days, when I was working with many sales organizations to increase their business, I introduced this mirror method with some startling results.

I had mirrors fastened to the inside back doors in all of a pie-baking company's trucks, so that when the driver-salesmen opened the doors to get their goods for delivery, those mirrors were the first thing they saw.

I always admonished each man that before calling on a customer, he should determine how many pies he was going to sell, and then tell himself in the mirror that he would leave that number of pies on his customer's counter. At the time he told me his story he was selling her an average of fifteen pies a day.” To use this advanced Law of Attraction technique, simply stand in front of a mirror.

One driver told me that he had been trying to sell one woman restaurant owner for many months, but she had always refused to buy any pies. It should be large enough that you can see your face and torso.The main purpose of this is to build enough anticipation in her to make her climax much more easily.