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aka imt^ (oh my) frieud Ifdit, ktt t tt'i pruilent ihou, frirml f H4ttfiifit H, ttkil t H'f* vi'tnt my friend, mi H tt biltit*4f Ultll Hi K f«to|) ill du'elliii«^ voure. (') There also, no doubt, the primitive language has nil I re or lees died out. M* T^Ioxtan'O, does not think he can yet answer the f|uestion. Kw., lilam, sleeping-place ; Jav., tilem, to sleep ; Sund., tilam f any- thing spread out ; Day., tilam aku ( See I ) tepong. Jav., hina, fault ; Sund., hina ka-handak, wish, in- tention. Jav., obat ; Sund., obat, gun- powder, ubar^ me- idicine ; Mak. Jav., anchur; Mak., anchuru ; Day., anchor ENGUSH, SULU, AND MALAY VOCAOUt ''W Englisk, Memory Metid, to Menbl ; slave Mention, to Meniioiieii Merely Merry Message Metaphor Stilu. 2»ibot *schaj5 daiyau daiyay ib Arat Me Wj to (as a eat) *mciigiaii Midday dohilir ; oktu Middle ; between li Agitflng Midnight Midwife Might ; power Mild (temper) Milk Milk, In Million, a Mimic, li» Minc L', In tcngilh dom p Andei • kw Asa t Recollm) 3 Synd.. * siput Must sobei Mullet b&n Sk Mutiny * drdhka Mystery ; secret * rdhisa ( To be continuet ERRATUM METEOROLOGICAL REPORT, FOR THE YEAR 1885. He easily nnder- fttood his Manthra (*) g[uido, when the hitter spoke Malay to him ; but ho could eatoh but very few words when the same individual conversed with his wild countrymen. str^ L Bis., sang] Stihaja r 'ibarat (-4* meng*hiyii 1 {dhahor (Ar tengah m Si {Sec Apt,) {kuasa. ity) rriomo Ui Aw Ak pi\h^ 'nv^ \l\K\^ 1ak'i • aki'il Mind, thr Mint I, lu ; li Lcil Miiulj U5 ; Inukalur ipat Mi IK" ; niy k. [ The following report, heing of poniianent scientific vahic, is hero reprint- ed from tiie Government Gazette, lil.] 1. He is satisfied that the Manthraa have a peculiar accent which mny ari? Father Pixokt, who has lived fttv a lon^]^ time in Malacca and visited all tho irdaud tribcrt^ told M. Vku ;-ku Mi,scar Tiai;c p-*«^-p'Vi^ Mist;liir[ fi'ina mat ENGLISH, SULU, AND MALAY VOCABULARY. Tlio report for the year 1885 gi^es the results of the rbservations taken at Sinj:]^apore, Penaiig, Province Welles- ley and Malacca, and embraces the following meteorological elements : — I. Must wo that these wild pei (^) amid tltcir forests, the same author ha» detecteil acortaiu ntnnbtu* «»t' wonb foreij»u to Malay. Whether a book is still in copyright varies from country to country, and we can't offer guidance on whether any specific use of any specific book is allowed. C*) Z.*i M^ii/7^f.— Being a ])cife(l rslranger to the study of liiuguagcs, I can but gimply record here, without discussing them, the variouis C ^ ) This paper was originally published in the Jomnal di'» Saianttf (Aviit et Dccrmbre 188:i). Please do not assume that a book's appearance in Google Book Search means it can be used in any manner anywhere in the world. ^C*) 1" order to make a complete untliropological dc Fcription of the Ne^ritof*, 1 onght to have mentioned here their physiological pathological cliaraet* ri Btice. Of all the languages j^juiktm h\ Negritot J thu most Ititt Testitig tci «tiuly would mujue&tionably be tlial^ of the Mini'0[)icf*, Owinj^ to th(.* uluiofit niiuilete isolation in wliicb fbene ittlandt^r** b*ne lived, espe- cially in the Great Aniiainaii group. Man's eo Uectlon of Andamanefte and yieobaresfi Objtcf*. ^Ian aud Temple consider as doubtful, il nii^^lit be with the lanj^uag'^ft of Australia or of the Dra%'jdian and Scytblnn groupa, which they resemble in a few peculiarities, 8uch n^ tbe use uf post-positiona instead of prepositioti« ; the use of two forms — one inclusive, t!

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* To Bttfe, quote«i by PRICHAAD^ ■ftf t/tr P/ii/*it'ui flhto.y (tf . Malay, 379 M Machine mikinl Maggot ok A Magic * hikmftt rhikmat (Ar.), Jav.

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