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20-Jun-2020 06:09

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You are too far apart, socially, developmentally, emotionally, mentally and physically. When I was 10 my favorite music was anything in the top 40s, no matter what. I loved Modest Mouse (still do.) I had a small circle of actual friends and none of them were the same people I was friends with five years ago. You are done growing, you're out of school, you're physically and emotionally mature.

I had many "close friends."When I was 15 I had given up on dancing. 5 years doesn't seem like that big of a deal when you're 35 and 40, or 25 and 30, but that's because those ages are very similar in many ways.

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This relationship consists in saying "I love you" over text and waving to each other in the hallway. As well as the other Ashleys' they didn't change much in height and size during summer cause they sure know to maintain diets, and never got any sun cause they don't like it too hot outside, so bring indoors is usually their thing. The others were shocked that an Ashley sat next to Vince, talking and flirting with him.Everyone else around the Ashleys' grew more in height this year into the fifth grade cause they loved being outdoors that summer. But then, Ashley Q, becomes really friendly to the gang too.Now it's fall of September and school is back. "I like you, you dribble so well, I'm being serious I really really do like you so will you please give me a chance? "Oh alright fine, you can sit with me at lunch later" Vince gave in. Spinelli thought that Ashley's niceness sounded fake and doesn't like the idea that Vince is starting to like her.

"Hi Vince" Ashley Q said in a flirty way by batting her lashes at him. As soon as lunch was about to end, Ashley Q asked Vince out on a date later this evening. Spinelli hated the date idea even more and becomes deeply depressed about it cause she finds it a nightmare that Vince her friend is dating an Ashley. The gang told Ashley Q how happy they really were for asking Vince out on a date later and Vince will sure tell his friends about it the next day soon. The idea of Vince dating an Ashley has taken a toll on Spinelli, she does her homework while she sneaks a her very first beer from the fridge, cause her parents drink sometimes every other night. After that, Gretchen and Spinelli went back outside to recess and played.

Don't let anyone judge you from what YOU want to do.

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